Doctor Network

Lifecountz intends to make healthcare simpler for everyone by connecting patients, in need, to doctors in geographic areas of their preference. By forming an exclusive network of ethical providers, we are able to refer our customers when they are confronted with a tricky medical situation.

Lifecountz’s exclusive panel of family physicians, specialists and super specialists has been handpicked for our corporate customers for managing both day-to-day and complex medical problems in addition to servicing overseas customers.

Lifecountz is not a web based doctor network available to all; it is only for members of the Lifecountz. Lifecountz in-house team of doctors will remain a touch point between the customer and the doctor;the reference will be given (thru SMS/ e-mail) after understanding the needs of the customer. Based on the type of care (OPD/ indoors) and criticality of the situation our Team doctor will connect with the consultant and the customer the clinical feedback of the case, from time to time.

Lifecountz network comprises of just 150 doctors in Mumbai (across all disciplines) who have been invited to be on the panel!

Enough to tell you of the exclusivity of the panel.