Canteen Assessment

Food is the essence of life. Good eating habits lay a strong foundation towards achieving good health and prevention / delay of sinister/ life threatening medical events.

Most organisations intend to provide delicious and sumptuous food to their employees. However it has been conclusively proven that, more often than not, canteen menus are calorie and fat laden, which isn't always healthy. Organisations can ensure there are healthy choices available not just in the canteen, but also in staff rooms, vending machines, office meeting rooms and office functions.

However, it´s one thing to decide that you want to eat healthy, and another to know what actually is healthy food? And once you know what you should be eating, it's important to know how much of it you should eat? Healthy food in excess does not remain healthy. To practice healthy eating, you need the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices. Working out what foods fit into which categories and which are 'nutritious' or 'healthy' can be harder than it seems. This is where the expertise of Lifecountz in canteen assessment adds value. We guide you to:

  • Assess your current menu in terms of selection from various food groups and assign NutriQuotient to the menu
  • Assess your kitchen operations to understand the food preparation techniques incorporating various cooking methods
  • Find out what your employee's want
  • Decide what changes to make to the meal ingredients and portion size
  • Decide how to make the changes
  • Suggest menu plans