Lifecountz Life Risk Analytics!

Welcome to Lifecountz Life Risk Analytics! You have started on your personal journey to optimum Wellness by taking the on-line Life Risk Analytics. This is an on-line questionnaire in four parts; and will take 10-15 minutes for completion. Please gather your latest medical test reports as those are required to complete the test. In case you have not done a health check-up in the last one year, then you could avail any of our customised screening package.

The data submitted is ENTIRELY CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with anyone!

The analysis brings you your current state of Wellness. It calculates your LifeQuotient i.e. a numerical value of your current Wellness status. Our team of practicing medicos, nutritionists & psychologists will analyse the data furnished by you and evaluate the risk factors to arrive at your LifeQuotient.

The analysis report not only identifies the Health Risks; it also elaborates the actions required to fine tune your Lifestyles to reduce the Health Risks. The report is structured into:

  • Summary of the identifiable risks combining – present medical conditions, life style habits and family medical history. It identifies the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors highlighting your right / wrong health habits.
  • Creates a “Wellness Roadmap”; a journey of incremental steps that will yield incremental success to improve and achieve YOUR ideal LifeQuotient. It includes summary of activities to be followed including - periodic medical tests, health management programs (like stress management, diet-control, exercise / work-out regime, smoking cessation etc.).
  • Present the Life-Scale of Satisfaction depending on your response to the Life Satisfaction Survey.

Pricing: Rs.1,000.00 (per person) + Service tax Buy Now

Note: The offer is valid for Three (3) Months from the date of purchase