Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LifeQuotient?

LifeQuotient is a numerical value to your current Wellness status.


2. How is the LifeQuotient arrived at?

LifeQuotient is arrived at by using Lifecountz - a proprietary tool (patent pending), designed by a team of professionals (practicing medicos, nutritionists & psychologists) using internationally accepted methodologies of measurement, testing, scoring and fine-tuned to adapt to Indian scenario. Your each input into the HRA questionnaire is used in the computation of LifeQuotient.


3. Why is LifeQuotient important?

Your current LifeQuotient is an indication of your present wellness status and the health-risks you carry; this includes your lifestyle(s) as well as your present, past and family medical history. Additionally, based on the potential of improvement in your lifestyle(s), a value is arrived at – your ideal or achievable LifeQuotient.

The LifeQuotient road map depicts how you can achieve your ideal Quotient i.e. it highlights the actions required to fine tune your lifestyles to reduce the health risks and thereby improve and achieve "your" ideal LifeQuotient.


4. Is there a healthy range for LifeQuotient?

No, LifeQuotient is absolutely personalized based on your current lifestyles and health backgrounds. There is no range for LifeQuotient that one can compare with.

Two individuals with the same current LifeQuotient need not be of the same level of wellness, if their ideal LifeQuotient(s) are different.


5. Can I achieve a Quotient of "0"?

Yes, you may. But rather difficult as each one of us has some or the other adverse family history that cannot be changed; and family history also has been used to arrive at your current Quotient.


6. Is my ideal LifeQuotient fixed or will it change over period of time?

It can get better or it can worsen – entirely depends on your adoption of healthy lifestyle(s).


7. Is an individual´s LifeQuotient "relative" amongst a greater population?

No. LifeQuotient is an absolute value and denotes personalized health risk.


8. Can the ideal LifeQuotient of different individuals be the same?

Yes, it is possible but highly unlikely and with a lot of "ifs" & "buts"!