Lifecountz Managed Care

All of us must always have our own personal (family) doctor. Having a personal doctor always leads to readily accessible healthcare, higher satisfaction levels and ensures continuity of care with associated benefits. Now, at Lifecountz, you finally have your Personal Virtual FAMILY DOCTOR!

The Lifecountz Personal Family Doctor is distinguished by –

  • Personalized care which is the core feature of medical practice as well as
  • Continuity of care that significantly increases chances of success in modifying unhealthy conditions / behaviors.
  • The association begins by taking you through a Lifecountz Life Risk Analytics

The process involves -

  • Completely individualized recommendations addressing any and all concerns noted during the Life Risk Analytics / recurrent complaints reported.
  • Individual recommendation address the negative attributes with due regards to socio-economic class / and constraints of food choices / habits.
  • Ongoing support system to sustain the initial efforts and ensuring that life style changes yield continual benefits as well as pre-chronic ailments (sinusitis, headache, hyperacidity etc) are kept under control.
  • In case of non-achievement of set goals, we re-evaluate your efforts put in viz-a-viz recommendations made; Mutually discuss and decide the future course of action
  • This is supported by handholding - periodic, need based, mutually agreed upon reminder protocol through texting and / or e-mails to keep the efforts on track. At least one outbound digital contact in a month.
  • Query Resolution – it is observed that people generally have queries about mundane issues when it comes to healthcare. Lifecountz team will respond to all such queries through a specially created digital interface. Any number of inbound mail/ text will be addressed within 6-8 hours during office hours.
  • Pre-defined emergency situations – INSTANT contact on telephone, with your assigned primary care physician
  • If you wish, weekly practical and useful health tips through mail can be shared.
  • There will be two pre-planned Skype contacts in this plan – one at the onset and second at the completion of 1 yr. The voice contact during the interim, will be restricted to emergency situations

The Managed Care deliverables include:

Life Risk Analytics

  • Data gathering → Data Evaluation → LifeQuotient → Recommendations
  • Recommendations on rational and mandatory investigations
  • Special (discounted) Screening Packages

One Year of Personalized Guiding Care:

  • Prescriptions as and when needed.
  • Referrals (if needed)
  • Query Resolutions
  • Hand-holding- Periodic reminders/ alerts monitoring every activity of hand holding
  • Hospitalization: recommending/ planning/ coordinating care
  • Adult immunizations (recommendations)
  • Travel related advice (vaccine, preventive drug therapy) with Travel medical kit for emergency care


  • Two pre-planned Skype- one at the onset and second at the completion of one year
  • Weekly practical and useful health tips through mail

Professional Fees:

  • Rs. 15,000.00/ person/ year (All Applicable taxes extra at actual) Buy Now
  • Rs. 25,000.00/ couple/ year (All Applicable taxes extra at actual) Buy Now

Optional Services (on ad-hoc payment basis; not related to above)

  • Second opinions from experts