Query Resolution

It is observed that people generally have queries about mundane issues pertaining to their/ their family's health. These queries very often do not require a drug prescription. Most people lament the fact that doctors are usually not available to get such queries answered when they arise or are not inclined to talk and satisfy their doubts.

We are a mission-oriented company and we have set out to fix following flaws in healthcare:

  • Availability of doctors
    in vertual space
  • Relevant & ethical
    information exchange
  • Affordable Cost

We train our doctors on the following core principles that we expect to be used in every digital conversation with a consumer:

  • Comprehensive
  • Compassion
  • Lucid Language
  • Legal
    (within realms of
    medical ethics)
  • Legitimacy
    (Medical Competency)

Our Team will respond to all such queries through a specially created interface. Reiterating that with this service we are neither replacing a physician contact, nor are we giving a prescription. The aim is not to diagnose but to provide support and help to the consumer.