Integrated Wellness Solutions

Wellness, actually, is the multidimensional component of good health and includes five different dimensions.

It must be emphasized here that these five components are not stand alone entities but are interlinked. We cannot handle them one by one but have to take care of all of them, simultaneously, to be really 'WELL'!

Implementing individual wellness programs in isolated manner using different service providers, for instance weight management, diet control or stress management, fail to recognize the important synergies between wellness and health improvement solutions. Such disconnected programs also hamper the ability to cross-pollinate health data of the subjects across various programs.


Integrated wellness solutions provide combinations of programs that can enhance an employee's chances of success. It takes into account the common obstacles that can affect the outcome of a wellness program such as the level of employee engagement, level of personalization and consistency of medical advice.

Example: Obesity in an individual could be traced to either habitual overeating or high stress leading to consumption of high calorie food (fried & chocolates). A well-tailored Integrated Wellness Programme for obesity would not just be restricted to diet advise, but would include combinations of stress management, diet advise as well as fitness and exercise modules.

Integrated wellness solutions are a Continuous Process:

Integrated wellness solutions significantly increase chances of success in modifying unhealthy behaviours. Integrated wellness solutions can also provide Organisations with data merged across all programs in order to provide a bigger picture of the overall effectiveness of the wellness plan. As Organisations struggle with today's economic demands, the ability to provide a snapshot of a program's successes will prove high worth to the HR team and Management of the Organization.

Lifecountz Integrated Wellness Solutions are structured into:

Lifecountz Model of Corporate Healthcare