Health Risk Management Tool

The Lifecountz program rests on two fundamental tenets

Lifecountz LifeQuotient

What is LifeQuotient?

LifeQuotient is a numerical value to your current Wellness status. It is arrived from a detailed analysis of your Health Risk Assessment (HRA). HRA is a questionnaire in parts, each of which focuses on a key health element. It has been designed by our team of practicing medicos, nutritionists & psychologists using internationally accepted methodologies of measurement, testing and scoring, fine-tuned to adapt to Indian scenario. Furthermore, we have used our knowledge of the Medical Environment to develop a test that profiles all the Health Risks of our customers.

Why is LifeQuotient important for you?

It not only lists your Health Risks based on the scores; it also elaborates the actions required to fine tune your Lifestyles and reduce the Health Risks and thereby improve and achieve YOUR ideal LifeQuotient.

The underlying message: We help you enjoy a Healthier and Happier Life.










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Lifecountz Hand-holding

The Lifecountz Hand holding lists the Health Risks based on the scores, but it doesn't stop there. It elaborates the actions required to fine tune your Lifestyles to reduce your Health Risks i.e. improve their LifeQuotient. This would be implemented through an established and mutually agreed methodology to keep your efforts on track and help you achieve your set goals within a defined period. As a User, you would also get real-time access to Query Resolution by Team Doctors and get your health related queries resolved (no prescription of course).